Illinois Nursing Academy mission is to prepare students to meet the challenges of the health care system by providing relevant education in a nurturing environment resulting in academic, clinical, technical proficiency. We are dedicated to developing our students to be competent, caring, and compassionate individuals.


The philosophy of this program offered at Illinois Nursing Academy is consistent with the mission, goals and objectives of the Illinois educational system. This program provides curricula to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary before entry level employment as a nurse aide. Our Nursing faculty endorses the following beliefs:

Individuals perceive health exist when needs are met. Health is a dynamic state ranging on a continuum from heights level wellness to death. The goals of health care are to promote, maintain, and restore health.

The Teaching- Learning process is a shared responsibility between faculty and student where faculty serve as the facilitators of learning. The successful teaching-learning process requires an environment that promotes learning, considers the needs of the individual, and provides opportunities for student participation and educational goal attainment. Learning is a life-long process which promotes professionalism and is beneficial for the learner and society.